User defined function for transformation of ellipsoidal coordinates

User defined funkcija za transformaciju elipsoidnih koordinata

  • Aleksandar Ganić University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology
  • Aleksandar Milutinović University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology
  • Meri Ganić University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology
Keywords: WGS84; Bessel ellipsoid; transformation of coordinates


  The topographic plane of the Earth has irregular shape, and for the purpose of mathematical defining, it is to be approximated by rotational ellipsoid. As local geodetic datum, rotational ellipsoids of various sizes are used in the world. More widely usage of the GPS while performing surveying tasks has resulted in the need to define global geodetic datum in order to obtain the best approximation the entire Earth. For this purpose, geocentric rotational ellipsoid WGS84 was defined and the results of the GPS measurements are shown in relation to it. By applying the appropriate equations, the ellipsoidal coordinates are being transformed from WGS84 into the coordinates on the local rotational ellipsoid, i.e. on the view plane. The paper shows User Defined Function created for Excel, by which the coordinates in the territory of Belgrade are being transformed from WGS84 of rotational ellipsoid into the Gauss-Krüger projection plane.


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