Casing cementing in difficult geological conditions

Cementacija zaštitnih cevi u otežanim geološkim uslovima

  • Branko Leković University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology
  • Vesna Karović-Maričić University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology
  • Dušan Danilović University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology
Keywords: casing; cementing; aditives; slurry


  In extreme environments and remote areas, exploration puts increasing demands on the technology required for developing new reserves. As drilling operations for oil and gas penetrate deeper horizons, wellbore construction faces new challenges. Deeper and larger hole sections, higher formation pressures and higher temperatures, result in wells that cannot be properly or safely completed with conventional cementing techniques. The integrity of cement sheat is commonly measured by its ability to provide long term zonal isolation in the well. It also has to physically support the casing, withstand pressure and temperature changes, and protect the casing from corrosive fluids. The cement bond failure can cause well control situation, losses of reservoir fluid, migration of fluid from one zone to another, and poor stimulations operations. This paper presents some aspects of new technology tailored to these demands from Schlumberger. Advanced Cement Technology provides a range of cement alternatives, tailored to the well, with properties superior to those of conventional cements to achieve zonal isolation in oil field operations for the life of the well.


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Leković, B., Karović-Maričić, V., & Danilović, D. (2015). Casing cementing in difficult geological conditions. Podzemni Radovi, (27), 65-74.

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