Industrial waste utilization in building material industry

Upotreba industrijskog otpada u industriji građevinskih materijala

  • Milena Kostović University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology
Keywords: fly ash; metallurgical slag; characterization; standards; cement; concrete; grinding


  Paper presents some aspects of industrial waste utilization, like fly ash from thermal power plants and slag from metallurgical processes, in building material industry, especially in cement and concrete production. Fly ash and metallurgical slag, which can have cementitious or pozzolanic properties, must have appropriate chemical, physical and mechanical characteristics for this utilization. Some data about fly ashes and cooper slag in Serbia are presented. Also, some Serbian and international standards which follow this utilization are presented. Beside this, grinding can be applied as technological process in the aim of better utilization of fly ash and slag.


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