Development of the production of lead and precious metals in Central Asia

Razvoj proizvodnje olova i plemenitih metala u centralnoj Aziji

  • Branislav Nikolić Engineering Academy of Serbia
  • Svetlana Nikolić University of Belgrade - Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy
  • Vesna Vujačić Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy
  • Slobodan Trajković University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology
Keywords: lead; silver; gold; metallurgy; development


  There were several rich deposits of polymetal ores of non-ferrous and precious metals in the region of Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union. Metallurgical production of these metals was developed even a thousand years ago and was in the top of the world at the beginning of the fourth quarter of the twentieth century. The disintegration of the Soviet Union and the change of government structures caused a reduction of metallurgical production, but there are all conditions to intensify and increase the production of non-ferrous and precious metals in Russia and other former Soviet republics, which are now middle-asian countries.


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