Ammonium nitrate explosion hazards

Opasnosti od eksplozije koje potiču od amonijum nitrata

  • Milanka Negovanović University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology
  • Lazar Kričak University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology
  • Stefan Milanović University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology
  • Nikola Đokić University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology
  • Nikola Simić University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mining and Geology
Keywords: ammonium nitrate; explosion; accident; handling; storage; transport


  Ammonium nitrate (AN) primarily is used as a fertilizer but it is also very important compound in the production of industrial explosives. The application of ammonium nitrate in the production of industrial explosives was related with the early era of Nobel dynamite and widely increased with the appearance of blasting agents such as ANFO and Slurry, in the middle of the last Century. Throughout the world millions of tons of ammonium nitrate are produced annually and handled without incident. Although ammonium nitrate generally is used safely, accidental explosions involving AN have high impact resulting in loss of lives and destruction of property. The paper presents the basic properties of ammonium nitrate as well as hazards in handling of ammonium nitrate in order to prevent accidents. Several accidents with explosions of ammonium nitrate resulted in catastrophic consequences are listed in the paper as examples of non-compliance with prescribed procedures.


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