• Milena Kostović University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Djusina 7, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Ivana Simović Mining Institute d.o.o., Batajnički put 2, 11080 Beograd -Zemun, Serbia
  • Nebojša Kostović Mining Institute d.o.o., Batajnički put 2, 11080 Beograd -Zemun, Serbia
  • Nina Pantelić RB Kolubara, Tamnava - Zapadno polje, Kalenić, Serbia
Keywords: lignite, coal cleaning, coal quality, thermal power plants


The paper gives review of international and domestice experience in Serbia in the field of coal cleaning prior to combustion in thermal power plants. Also, paper highlighted the problem of combustion low rank lignite from open pit mine in thermal power plants and considering this problem from the aspect of mineral processing. The results of laboratory tests aimed to establish the possibility of cleaning of lignite from Tamnava Zapadno polje, showed the beneficial upgrading of the 70% of run-of-mine coal with simple screening. It has been confirmed that by simple process of coal cleaning can be removed about 30% of tailings, which mostly consist from mineral impurities. Final obtained products have satisfactory quality (lower contents of ash and higher calorific values).


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